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There are few things our Founder, Tim Martin, likes better than leading workshops. We Purpose Sherpas back in Florida think it’s mostly because he gets to work with his even more charismatic wife. We're also guessing here, but let's just say, she lacks the experience Tim does in the birthday department (gotta’ remember to delete that).

Anyway, like I was saying Tim, one of the most brilliant men I’ve ever known, says in a presentation he aims for the heart; a seminar the brain; but, a workshop the soul. Throughout the day Tim and Margarita combine their high-flying energy, with hands on exercise-after-exercise, that you are carefully, but joyfully layering one atop another. It’s as if you had fallen into a deep, deep nap and awakened in Lego Land with your 10 best childhood friends.

Yes, their "Get Busy Living" 2-Day Workshop is that fun. Isn't it time for you to take over as general contractor of your life, so you can build it the way you want to. Then let us help you with the blueprint, so you can GET BUSY LIVING!

This is a two-day workshop to discover your purpose, articulate your vision, write your mission statement and ultimately write your “perfect as you can plan,” including goals, objectives, audiences, strategies, and tactics.