The 5 Reasons You Fear Failure, How to Cope and then Crush 2019.


“Be afraid. Be very afraid,” is a haunting quote from a horror movie made over 30 years ago, yet those words still ring in our ears. Typically, this occurs just after the alarm clock shocks our bodies into another weekday morning. As you exit the bed sheets and begin to feel your way through the darkness to the bathroom, you hear something. At first, it’s soft, below a whisper. Suddenly, it scales to a distinct voice, just as you reach the switch – light, confidence and courage – each flicker on. As you hurriedly push the door shut, you realize the voice isn’t out there, it’s. . .behind you. And with a single breath, you believe perhaps your last, it is within you. The voice is not from a once man, now mutant fly, but rather your own. Now, that’s scary.

It’s not the voice, but the words spoken that spook. “You can’t do it.” “There are so many who can do what I do, but better.” “I should have gotten more education.” What are we so afraid of. . . failure. We simply live in such a fiercely kinetic culture in which there is frightfully no, or too thin of a margin of time, for one to receive good adequate rest, proper nutrition, nor a semblance of exercise. And that’s not the scariest part. As a culture, that means a disproportionate number of individuals, are like Hasbro’s Weeble Wobbles, “they wobble, but they don’t fall down.” Except, too many times we do fall, and you, “can’t get up.” So, why are so many of us wobbling? It’s not only that we have a weak foundation of FEEDING THE BODY – fuel, exercise and rest, but we have created facades of ultra-light or shoddy material on the next four levels of what it takes to make us whole – the mind, the spirit, balance (no wobble) and “steely discipline.” (see my 5 “no fear” steps to a legacy).

Between the World’s push on time and our pull on I can do it all, “my way,” we make home-made fear. Interestingly, in our movie, “The Fly” our monster was created in a time machine (Coincidence?), while we generally produce our own monsters by our uncanny ability to envision our future. As the director we quickly, always quickly add a set with a look and mood reflecting our negativity. This often becomes our signature set as a result of our own complacency. We then run these debilitating episodes in surround sound reverberating off our inner skull. With too many views our brain begins to change. You begin to think differently. Act differently. You, yourself are beginning to transform into your greatest fear; not into a fly, rather someone who never will. Let’s take a quick look at five of the biggest reasons fear has you grounded and what it will take to truly soar!


  1. You Think Too Much & Much Too Small – Act & Act Big

You’ve heard it before, “you’re overthinking the problem.” But, why?  The biggest factor, of course, is the level of risk. As risk rises decisions slowly skid to a near stop as managers test their best curling skills. The same is true of a good idea, that is slowly molded into a great idea, and then with a team that believes, it is sculpted into a BIG idea that touches every corner of a business or shakes the soul of an individual, only to have decision making sink into the melting ice.

“Get a good idea (no matter how big) and stay with it. Dog it (Body, Mind and Spirit) and work at it until it’s done (God’s Purpose) and Done Right (Your Legacy).  -- Walt Disney and Tim Martin (Parenthetical Text)

Here’s the deal, to take control of your life, you must take control of your time. And that means improving your decision-making skills and the speed at which a good, solid decision can strike – you are throwing bolts of lightening not stirring boiling water.

Take my “Bump Effect Theory” which came about nearly as an accident reviewing data, not something I created, to produce a new product. Ever since we’ve thrown out the old maxim, “ready, aim, fire,” to decisions made more like, “fire, damn it, fire.” We knew there was a big idea in “The Bump Effect Theory,” (below) and our investment reflects our leadership, discipline and endurance. The bottom line is decisions have to be made, so soldiers can fight. Whether on “the” plan or an adaption thereof, they are intentionally moving forward and taking action; not despite the odds, but because of the odds.



#2. You Treat Yourself Like a Crack Addict – Wise-Up

Why do you eat pizza loaded with processed meat, which you know is laden with pure lard? You know that as it liquifies it’s like a downpour that washes the filth off a bad neighborhood, and without anywhere to drain, begins to pool up like crap in a retention pond. Sounds delicious. C’mon man! You know this. Now, for the love of your body, what do you do with a cup full of this same substance? You get rid of it and pour it down the drain, right? No way, anybody worth their monogrammed apron knows it will harden and ultimately clog the sink. That’s right, you treat your sink better than your own esophagus, and every other pipe, tube, or organ that we soak in filth.

Like the crack addict, no offense to those in a struggle for their life, but a poor diet ultimately has the same effect – you get ugly and die. Too harsh? How about we pause the PC and shed the truth on perhaps the most important social issue ever spanning our globe, wasting more economic resources and claiming more lives by far than wars, drugs or get this – die of hunger. Yet to date, with addicts of sugar, salt and fat literally outnumbering those who aren’t, maybe it’s time to do something about what food manufactures put in the “fat bait” that lines our grocers’ shelves. Afterall you have to put something in your cart.

If this is too much for you, at least you can get some healthy sleep – or can you? That means seven to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep a night, ideally going to bed at approximately the same time each night and getting that rooster to crow each morning at the appropriate setting. For more information regarding FEEDING the body or a program to help you optimize your health visit Between now and then stop eating what you know is bad for you i.e.; (a) Broth based soup, or (b) cream based; (a) frozen juice bar, or (b) bowl of ice cream; (a) spaghetti, or (b) any type of alfredo; (a) hamburger, or (b) salad w/ranch. Your smart and you know more than you think. Think before you eat (correct answers; all a’s, except last one) And start reading about and acting on ways to care for the one body you’ll ever own, and technically it’s a loaner (read on).

#3. You Believe it Easier to Wander than be Wonderful – Pursue Purpose.

After getting a little over excided, I’ve dismounted from my soapbox to reach out, and put my hand on your shoulder to say you are wonderful. Really. No matter how messy, inside or outside, we find our lives to date your spirit is fit, beautiful and guess what? It’s waiting on you. It’s waiting to introduce you to something bigger, someone that tips the scales north of awesome, the author of your unique purpose, and the one who brings hope and meaning to life. Please permit me a couple of sentences and a quote, and I’ll bring an end to the awkwardness, and quickly move to reasons #4 and #5 of why we fear failure. Regardless of your faith, there is a belief and understanding that we are all equal and are “cosmically” connected to express love and kindness. All of us in our own way has to reach inside and but touch it and extend it to a neighbor. This spirit we so desperately need for our own balance with our minds and bodies, is the very one in mass could and will save the world. Sorry, super-hero fans should have sounded the spoiler alert.

Now, my favorite motivational quote, filled with truth and undeserved blessing:

“Because of Christ’s Redemption, I am a new creation of Great Worth. I am Deeply Loved, Completely Forgiven, Fully Accepted by God, and Absolutely Complete in Christ.” – my friend, pastor and coach, Dr. Robert White.

Learn more about body, mind and spirit and the unparalleled power of balance and “steely discipline,” in my new book “Purposely Fit: 5 Simple Steps to a Legacy,” on AMAZON at Think of it as your personal guidebook to discovering your purpose.


#4. You Piddle, Play, and Procrastinate Rather than Pay the Price to Prepare – “Steely Discipline”

Cutting to the chase let me define “Steely Discipline.” It is, “The adoption of a code of behavior no longer requiring a daily decision for accomplishment.” Believe it when I tell you this is unheard of in today’s, “everybody gets a trophy culture,” particularly when the behavior involves giving up something else or as in athletic training may involve sweat, pain and exhaustion.  For today, let me briefly explain what the concept of “steely discipline” looks like applied to creating and executing a plan to discover, develop and deploy your purpose. The first piece is the articulation of purpose juxtaposed to the casting of a compelling vision. The plan is the “everything in between” that pushes or pulls to create the magic – you are fulfilling your purpose and shaping your legacy. After seeing so many passive plans end up shelved in the CEO’s office, we got better, in fact we developed the “A.T.T.A.C.K.24 Plan that is lighter, assessible to the whole team, and is a living document, sort of a playbook, journal and mathematics text book combined. The acronym and now brand name are to connote excitement, action and that it is game-on every day. In other words, these are not linear steps, it’s more like a symphony with everyone playing simultaneously, yet perfectly together.

To take the idea of a new type of plan a couple of notes higher we asked a few more questions. What does it take to discover, develop and deploy your purpose? What will be required to plan a legacy? How do you know what would be helpful for the journey? These are the questions I wrestle with, when I should be sleeping. Then one night, between yawns, it occurred to me, that whatever was needed was probably different for everybody. I know, genius, right? Easy wise guy.

 Idea #2 had just arrived sliding in on the cerebellum rails just as the day was dawning. I was still sitting at the kitchen table with my man Tony, and with the idea floating above, it was if I could hear him say, “It’s Gr-r-reat!” – and it was. A mall. Not just any mall. A purpose mall. A “Pure Purpose Mall.” An online mall filled with fabulously storied brands and product collections touching every facet of PURPOSE, TRANSFORMATION and LEGACY – from designing your home gym to your original family crest, and of course the latest in exercise equipment, outdoor gear and apparel and way, way more. So, relax and shop a bit. “Hey, big guy, pass the milk.”


  1. You Are Not Motivated to Fly – But, Yet You Can!

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us,” Marianne Williamson

Decide today that you are going to make 2019 your year. Nothing can stop you. You are already 5-steps ahead of where you were a few minutes ago.  It’s time to Fire! Damn It! Fire! Grab hold of a Big Idea even if, especially if it’s high risk, you’ll have fewer chasers and if you know your stuff what was impossible yesterday becomes possible today. Remember to FEED the body, SEED the mind, NEED the Spirit, HEED the balance and DEED the deal. As you ready yourself to begin your journey visit our Pure Purpose Mall at – over 30 carefully vetted, storied brands – with product that touch one or more facets of Purpose, Transformation, or a Legacy. Products include ancestry & genealogy, family crest design, fitness and casual apparel, motivational items, fitness programs, outdoor gear, home gym design, nutrition and life coaching and much, much more. There are and it’s blog “ and be active on the PF Community Facebook page -

As you begin, know who you are, where you are, where you want to be and without fear, rather with absolute confidence, “steely discipline,” and endurance, one-day with a summit view, you will leap, and you will fly.