Set to Go Live Nov.2 to Change Lives!

We do not expect to change the world tomorrow. Now, our clients – that’s a different story. It will be an incredible tapestry that will begin to be woven November 2, opening day. Our PF Sherpas, or brand zealots, as we like to call them, are part of a team of coaches and trainers, who will guide the client through a multi-disciplined process to suggest an evoke set of purpose pathways.

Throughout the process you’ll find fitness will be an ongoing byproduct on the way to creating your legacy. Sounds simple, but it's not that easy. You’ll get no false promises or no false teaching. What you will get is the secret behind “steely discipline.” Mastering that one-of-a-kind discipline to have the pound for pound power created by a martial artist, the unbreakable focus of a climber, and the unrelenting endurance of a triathlete.

In addition to PF clients receiving a proprietary combination of coaching and training, we work diligently in all three planes – body, mind, and spirit – and teaching how to find balance and ultimately oneness. You can look forward to a freedom to serve, and a love to give. Our dream at PF are clients, who have optimized their health and maximized their purpose, and have now dedicated part of their day or dollar to the fight on the front line to create a better educated, healthier, and safer world! In this, you will find true joy.

The site,, to be unveiled soon, is basically a virtual mall, focused on products and services needed to engage in activities discussed around purpose-fitness-and-legacy. These are hand-picked, very high value, niche brands, that you have to wonder, who gets their swagger from who.

Going straight to the top, or in this case the ice skates, for the ultimate king of cool, the greatest Winter Olympian ever, Apollo Ohno, and now co-founder of Allysian Sciences. Their signature product MASTERMIND is now the biggest breakthrough in cognitive support products in the world.

How about reading literary classics you select, and read along and discuss with, a new group of friends, who selected the same book? Yep, we can do that.

Following our Founder’s direction, “find away to meet the needs of our clients with the best products around purpose-fitness-and-legacy,” we did what anyone who knew him would do, we borrowed (long story) his little black book. Actually, it’s brown, crusty, moldy, and to our chagrin there were no numbers for old girl friends, yet we had uncovered the holy grail of .com greatness.

In time, we gleaned his favorite camping gear, climbing gear, fitness equipment, home gym design, ancestry & genealogy service, family crest design (his own original sketch), lab test kits we can send to your home, Christian resources and resources for dog lovers – sorry cat folks we’ll work on him, but great brands keep it real.

Ultimately PF signed partner agreements with over 30 rock star brands! is a destination site for anyone who wants to be their best, see the best of the world, or to make the world a better place. Own It. Live It. Give!