Expect Spectacular - You'll Give More and Make It So for Someone Else.


Yesterday, like most, was no less spectacular than my anticipation for today. I'm awed that every 24-hours we unwrap this gift again; fresh, new, life-sustaining; and, get this, largely with in our control as to where the needle on our joy meter comes to rest as the sun sets.

Being it's Sunday, try to gear down on the acquisition strategy and slip into the back of that church you've driven by a thousand times. Now, when they pass that plate or basket for an offering, surprise yourself – go ahead, empty it! You’ve got a debit card for lunch. That's how you move "the" needle.

Permit me a bit more encouragement. There is great good and yes, joy in our world, despite what purveyors of politics and world news would have you believe. Yesterday, I spent several hours with my four kiddos in a very cool park with probably 200 or more kids.

Now when I was a grade-schooler, I remember that first kid with a darker skin tone – and it just didn’t sound as important as a big term like racial diversity. He, like the rest of us, was just a kid. Fast forward a bunch of years and we adults are still talking about diversity, when we should be talking about what is really happening – from parks to pews – unity.

Roughly speaking, there were four large racial groups, with a distinct fifth, but notably smaller. Maybe it was special needs Saturday. They were really loud, super silly, a bit dirty and there's evidence every single one may have been - being they were all constantly intermingling - color blind. Kidding. Collectively humanity does take a step forward. Yesterday, I felt I witnessed several.

God bless the safety and sanctity of this extraordinary multi-racial playground and each of these equally beautiful, gifted and highly valued children. May we do right by teaching them truth, while providing them direction to inspire honor and administering only enough discipline for correction; as we in turn allow ourselves to learn from them, how to truly love in living color. It's time.